Dan Kangas
Driftwood Artist

Dan Kangas

For as long as he can remember Dan loved to draw and build things. Dan went to the Ontario College of Art in 1980 and graduated in 1984. Industrial Design was his passion at that time.

Early in his career, Dan designed large sculptural exterior signage, the O'Keefe Centre and Union Station in Toronto were a couple of his projects. He worked building props for movies, and designed limousine interiors amongst

other design jobs. Dan eventually became a professional illustrator and has been doing that for thirty years now. He lived in Aurora, Ontario for eighteen years and now lives in beautiful Horseshoe Valley.

Recently Dan has been creating one of a kind sculptures made from Driftwood, antique artifacts and rusted metal. These are large award winning pieces that are in high demand across Canada. 

If you stand in front of one of his sculptures you'll find yourself wondering about the history of it all, where did the worn wood and rusted metal come from and what exactly was that antique object used for that is

now part of this unique work of art? Many of Dan's clients have commissioned works with their own custom objects included into the art. You can reach Dan by email, text or instagram.